February 14, 2020

No. 98: I’m Bringin’ Sexy Back

EleAMental Podcast

By In Podcast

In this entry, we’re planning a heist. The target: Valentine’s Day. The goal: To steal it and turn it into a holiday that includes everyone. Let’s face it, Valentine’s is on the decline. Has it really been the holiday of love and romance or rather heartache and disappointment? With conversations about sex and relationships being derailed by religious, uptight, fear-mongers, it’s more important now than ever that we claim February 14th for those who want to live in a world where these issues are not demonized, instead praised and celebrated. We need open discourse (perhaps intercourse?), we need a holiday that celebrates our human nature. We don’t need to ditch the heart shaped boxes of chocolates and roses, but rather add components that work to serve everyone in these concepts of love, intimacy, and sex, and not exclude people because they’re lack of a romantic relationship. Put down the red and pink cupcakes you bought at the grocery store BRENDA! You don’t need to binge through your depression, it’s time to pull off a caper, lover. Slip off those Spanx and let’s talk dirty. I promise I’ll be gentile.

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