January 2, 2020

No. 95: It’s My Life

EleAMental Podcast

By In Podcast

In this entry, it’s the end of the year, the end of a decade, and the end of an era. In the year 2020, are you still waiting for permission to live your life? I know I have, still a product of years and years of indoctrinated upbringing. You would think someone like myself who has veered off the safe path so many times in my life wouldn’t be waiting for marching orders from some authority, but here we are. Waking up everyday, choosing to make decisions for your future, it’s harder than you’d think. I’ve never been one to run away from a challenge and I don’t think you do either. Let’s go into 2020 and live a little but more curiously. Are you in?

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Music was provided by Damn The With Siren, featuring the song, “Big Mouth”, and was used with their permission. 

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