August 8, 2019

No. 82: Personal Jesus

EleAMental Podcast

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EleAMental Podcast No. 82: Personal Jesus

In this entry, we’re starting a religion! Following in the path of such great men such as Joseph Smith, L Ron Hubbard, and Alex Jones (He’s kinda like a new conspiracy based religion), we’re conjuring up a brand new belief system to call our own. You might think I’m kidding at this point. To a large degree, yes. However, the concept of faith and belief is interesting. And regardless how stupid and ridiculous the claims are, it’s still a powerful force that people are using to mold and shape our world. It’s that specific result I’m seeking. How do you live your life with reason, compassion, and love, while also believing in some force that drives you and gives you purpose. This will be sure to upset some, but I’m opening up about my new take on the spiritual. So no proselytization here, no trying to convince you of my beliefs. Instead, if you must believe, why not multiple choice?

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