June 18, 2019

No. 78: Hear Me Roar

EleAMental Podcast

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In this entry, we’re talking about being so much yummier. I’ve had a fascination with Catwoman for a long time (Michelle Pfeiffer specifically), I just wasn’t paying attention to the lesson she was trying to teach me. I’ve always seen myself as A Keaton Batman type. Awkward, introverted, brooding, focused, selfless. Now, I’m starting to see that while that is definitely part of me, there’s another. To quote Bruce Wayne to Selina Kyle, “We’re the same…split right down the center.” Like Yin and Yang, I too have a dual nature. One part bat, one part cat, I am contradictory, yet balanced sides. As of late, I’ve felt that nature begin to claw out of me. Forcing me to reevaluate myself and my beliefs. There’s a time to be the silent, watchful guardian, then there’s a time to squeeze into latex and rip out someones intestine with your bare hands. You can try to deny your dark side, but in the end, it finds a way to manifest one way or another. So let’s ask the question “What Would Catwoman Do?” Would she just forgive the people who tried to kill her, let Max Shreck slide for pushing her out a window? Would you? Or do you finally come to understand that forgiveness is not always the answer. It doesn’t always make you better, heal your wounds. And perhaps, just perhaps, all these beliefs and ideologies we accept as being good for us, might just be poison instead. So lets take an honest look at ourselves and ask, “Is forgiveness truly good for the soul, or just good for those who’ve sinned against us?” When you can accept those difficult painful truths, then you might just find real healing. Pour up a glass of ice cold milk and lets scratch through this surface, shall we?

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