June 4, 2019

No. 76: Maybe I’m Doing It Wrong

EleAMental Podcast

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On this entry, we’re going back to the basics…the sexual basics. Mostly because a sad majority of our population has been miseducated about sex and reproduction, or simply no education whatsoever. We are in a sad state of affairs, rather multiple states. Not only are people not getting the fundamentals of what they can do to protect themselves before, during, and after intercourse, they’re also being punished with life altering consequences because of ignorance. I was fortunate enough to have had sex ed in California when I was in 7th and 8th grades. Had I been in Arkansas still, it would have been Abstinence-Only rhetoric. Lets face it, when 2 teens in the thrust of puberty find willing participants in each other, it’s going to happen. There is not threat, barrier, or chastity belt that will stop them. I had proper sex education in school, but bullshit shame and religious guilt at home. This is about my struggle with this division and how it did me a lot of harm, and many others as well. We also talk about the fact that most people are just doing it wrong. If you think you’re great at sex, chances are, you’re not. Hate to be the barer of bad news, but I’m here to tell you my awkward journey so you can benefit from my humiliation and mistakes. So, what would you little maniacs want to hear first?

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