July 30, 2021

No. 122: Bezos Shrugged

EleAMental Podcast

By In Podcast

First off, the title is a nod to the dystopian conservative jerk off novel, so don’t take it too seriously. Ayn Rand would have definitely felt so in awe and deep compassion for the 200+ billionaire titan and all the things he’s done for humanity. Can you hear my eyes rolling through this text? When people like Bezos do the things they do, you’re always going to find some trying to spin it into some sudo self-help, aspirational nonsense. I find it ironic to use someone who crushes the dreams of many to also inspire dreams. If there is anything you should be inspired to do, it is to do better, DREAM BETTER. We all have dreams, but does the cost of your dreams have a negative or positive impact on others. Maybe when we dream, we should use the word “Me” less and “Us” more. Are your dreams selfish in nature? It’s understandable, but if we want to be better, that’s a collective effort and we have to think in those terms. Lets talk about US.

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