July 7, 2021

No. 119: Cheers!

EleAMental Podcast

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You know those people who hate holidays? If you didn’t before, you do now. Yes, I have become a curmudgeon of sorts in regards to festivities. This wasn’t always the case, but in the course of my 30s, I’ve turned sour on many of the traditions and celebrations I once really looked forward to and enjoyed. In part, disappointments have a share of the blame in this game. Each year only feels like diminishing returns. Until recently, I was pretty set to avoid all of it, including my own birthday, until I had a conversation with my mom. She was like me, but we realized why we’re wrong. You have to celebrate people, hell, you have to celebrate yourself. If not you, who? But we should want to be there for people, commemorate those special events. It can also just be a reason to come together. After a year of self isolation for all of us, it should make more sense now. Pop the champagne, raise a glass, and salute!   

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