June 16, 2021

No. 116: Gaslighting

By In Podcast

Previously on Entry 115, I touched on gaslighting, but this week I wanted to focus in on that and speak on my first hand experiences. You may have heard the term, but do you really understand what it is? I often hear it presented as just manipulation, but it’s more than that, it’s someone turning your own brain against you. They closer they get, the more isolated you become, the less you trust your own voice, and the further you become enslaved to another’s will. Someone who gaslights can be doing it for a variety of reasons and may be aware or unaware of their actions. So this entry is not about blame, but understanding. I feel uniquely qualified to provide you with some tools to help you avoid it, escape it, or shut it down. And let me assure you now, you’re not imagining it. Let’s learn to take back our sanity together.

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