December 17, 2020

No. 114: Agent Orange

EleAMental Podcast

By In Podcast

In this entry, we’re uncovering RAMPANT ELECTION FRAUD! Oh wait, there wasn’t any, just the loud jackass who is bilking his cult for hundreds of millions of dollars from his persistent lies. If Trump is anything, he’s a decent Con Man. I just wish he wasn’t affecting our families and lives with his agenda. Even with him gone on January 20th, he seems to found away to still screw with our democracy for the years to come. This is a cluster f***, lets get into it.

about Trump and my family, his lies about election fraud and how that is affecting all of our lives. Trump being a master con artist and being a better Jesus for people who want to do evil

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Music was provided by Damn The With Siren, featuring the song, “Big Mouth”, and was used with their permission. 

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