April 23, 2019

No. 70: Scary Monsters

EleAMental Podcast

By In Podcast

In this entry, I’m finally speaking out about an aspect of my past that I’ve kept guarded. It involves my personal experiences of a man my mother was in a multi-year relationship. At first, things were positive, but quickly turned horribly negative. It’s not so simple though, he was complicated and so was our relationship. I’ve chosen now to finally address him because of recent conversations I’ve had with a member of his family and my own. I always felt it was someone else’s story to share, feeling I had no right to share my experiences. I also never wanted to hurt anyone, especially his family, but sometimes you just have to be truthful and speak your peace. This is lengthy, so maybe find someplace comfortable to situate yourself and take a break at your own discretion.

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