November 30, 2020

No. 110: Master of Puppets

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In this entry, we won the 2020 US Election by voting out TRUMP! A hard, long race, which took a week to get the results, but it’s over…or is it? In the song Master of Puppets by Metallica, the line, “Blinded by me, you can’t see a thing,” describes the scenario cryptically well. Though they were singing about drugs, the Cult Of Trump works in the same way. Instead of a spiritual messiah that they can’t see, hear,  or touch, they’ve traded in for one who they can and one that promotes an utterly opposite view of their one time savior. They live for every word he speaks, even willing to lay down their lives for him. So how do you combat that? Come January 20, 2021, Joseph R Biden will be our next president, but for millions of American’s, they’ll do everything in their mental and perhaps physical capacity to deny that. Let’s talk honestly about what we need to do in the States to prepare for this new era.

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Music was provided by Damn The With Siren, featuring the song, “Big Mouth”, and was used with their permission. 

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