September 1, 2020

No. 107: The Church Of Synthetic Belief

EleAMental Podcast

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In this entry, we’re creating a new religion…sorta. Whether you believe or not in a god or supernatural power, you can’t ignore the power and force that seems to be behind those who do. I’m not of any belief or faith, but I do believe in the human minds capacity to do extraordinary things, including self-delusion. What if, bare with me, you could manufacture that same driving force? Can we manage to create a fully synthetic belief system that gives us the same benefits as believers, minus the lack of critical thinking skills and abhorrent laws and Bronze Age morality? Whether we like it or not, decisions made on the right affect all of us, so we can’t have a “live and let live” attitude anymore. Maybe it’s time to even the playing field…

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Music was provided by Damn The With Siren, featuring the song, “Big Mouth”, and was used with their permission. 

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