February 27, 2014

That Elusive Blue

By In Diary

I had a wonderful time this past week with one of my best friends Megan StAmand, who is a professional makeup artist. We’ve been talking about working together for quite some time and we were finally able to make that happen. She had an idea to do something with the color blue. For both of us, blue is a color that we can’t say that we are very fond of. There are moments though where there is a specific shade of blue that we see and we fall in love with it. With the eye makeup, that’s what we were trying to capture.


I learned a lot of new tricks and techniques from Megan, so I cannot wait until the next shoot. With the weight-loss over the last 6 months, I’ve started to feel more comfortable in front of the camera, plus it also helps that I can fit into some new things. For me, this is the beginning of an exciting new phase. I am looking forward to the coming weeks!

Elusively Yours,

What I’m Wearing:
Cutout Dress: FashionToFigure.com
Jacket: Target
Jewelry & Belt: ASOS.com
Watch: Fossil
Heels: Audrey Brooke / DSW.com
Hosiery: Wolford Magic Touch 12

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