September 1, 2020

That Bitch

By In Diary

I have these fantasies about being a career business woman, running around in my 3 inch pumps from appointment to appointment, adjusting my control top pantyhose while sipping a latte. And I own a lot of shape wear, like all the shape wear, which I easily afford with my six figure salary and the fact that I dodged the pregnancy and marriage bullets. Instead of a relationship, I have a few submissives I allow to come over to my elegant home in the hills and serve me at my beacon. Basically, I’m a cut and dry woman of success, who wastes no time and allows none of my time to be wasted.

Now, this isn’t what I necessarily want for my life, this is just a fantasy. In fact, I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t even like a person such as this. But could I hate fuck them? Oh yeah, because while my mind would be telling me no, my body? I think you know the rest. I fantasize about a life that isn’t mine, will never be mine, because it’s an interesting exercise to see yourself in someone else’s shoes. I think one of the reasons I can’t judge anyone too quickly is that at some point, I’ve imagined myself in their place with their perspective.

With these photos, I was channeling the woman I described above. I’m going to call her Donna. She gives no fucks and has almost no empathy. She’s the kind of woman you hate yourself for being attracted to. While shooting this, I smoked a couple Virginia Slims, drank three gin and tonics, and spent far too much money on lingerie. I also managed to strut around the grocery store in these heels, large sunglasses, drawing a lot of attention on myself with a cart full of booze and a box of Entemann’s.

So no, I wouldn’t want to be her all the time. However, I think I could fit her in for a monthly rendezvous. Oh, and she totally has a few jade eggs for her vagina.

Escape The Ordinary,

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