April 1, 2019

Lady In Red

By In Diary

Red is a color that most people have strong feelings about. Some hate the color, feeling it represents violence, sex, or morbidness. Some love it, for mostly the same reasons. I’m of the later. It’s not a subtle color and it sparks passions. It’s visceral, the color of blood, and love it or hate it, you can’t seem to ignore it.

If you want to blend in, not make waves, red is not the color for you. I’ve found that it takes a certain tenacity to wear read. Whether clothing, shoes, or a bold red lip, you have to own it. 

You might be surprised at the reactions I’ve received going out in red. On one occasion,  a woman looked at me like I slept with her husband – no thanks by the way. I’ve heard a few pocket bibles make judgmental comments about me, though not sure if that’s due to being trans, the red, or both. And generally, just the droves of attention and gawkers you get, as if a spotlight is following you around. It can be uncomfortable if you let it.

Like I said, you have to own it. While you’re pulling up your stalkings, adjusting your bra, fixing your lip, you have to also take a big heaping gulp of confidence. You might think I’m speaking of a cocktail or martini, but no, I mean yes, but no. That drink might get you out the door, but it’s not going to get the job done.

When you wear a bold red, there are people who are going to look at you and see the devil. I’m as serious as sin, you are the devourer of souls now to them. My advice to you is…become Satan. That’s right, embrace to role. You’re now the fallen angel from Heaven, temptress of the sinful, carnal pleasures that lead men to their downfall. You’re Hell In Heels, so strut your stuff.

There’s a certain freedom that comes with this. We all need to let go sometimes and role-play. I know not everyone wears red this way, but I feel like that’s a mistake. In fact, if you should be so bold, I would even carry around a few cards that say Deal With The Devil and a signature line to sign away their souls. It’s a nice touch, and as we all know, the Devil’s in the details.

Wear red, but don’t let it wear you. 

Escape The Ordinary,

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