March 7, 2017

Call Me Elexandra

By In Diary

Before I decided to let the true me come out, people thought I was a rather boring individual. Friends would even describe me as such, not directly, but they made clear that I wasn’t all that exciting, just odd. I remember that really bothering me. They had no idea what was going on in my head, what I really was. Sadly, no one ever really tried to see beyond the surface. Also at that time, I wasn’t around people who would understand me if I was honest. It was a very unsympathetic to be different.

Fortunately for me, things changed. I don’t think boring is an adjective that anyone would use to describe me. That is most definitely my preference. Screw normality, I want to provoke reaction. I’ve never been too particular about what reactions I evoke, just as long as I leave an impression. I do this a little for myself, I enjoy the attention, but also for the passerby who I might encourage to follow suit…or skirt. I’d like to think that I am a carrier of a virus, which causes those whom come into contact to embrace their individuality.


Over time, I realized that my identity was multi-faceted. I don’t just have one thing to express, but unexplored depths that I’m only now really beginning to see. With these identities comes various strengths, desires, expressions. For these photos, I’m calling this one Elexandra. There’s a bit of madness there, doused in sexuality, with a devil may care attitude. She’s a side of my ego that was forbidden from coming out to play for far too long. She craves to be set free, so she can prowl…hunt…devour…

Be on the look out.

Escape The Ordinary,

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