June 23, 2015

Double Take

By In Diary

Let me  start by saying that these are my most favorite self portraits that I have ever taken. In the past six years, I’ve shot many pictures, but these resonate for me in a way that the others do not. If there is a style and a look that truly defines me, this is it. In most of my photos, I generally lean more feminine in my appearance. Perhaps the reason is more out of habit, but to some degree it may also be that there is a bit of a dissociation.

My personal photographs tend to be more artistic in nature, capturing some truth about me, but not the whole truth. It’s allowed me the liberty to play in different perspectives and learn more about myself in the process. In that journey, that’s where my identity began to form. However, I’ve kept my true identity out of my photos in almost a protective manner. If people did not like how I looked in a past portrait, it’s not really something that would scar me. If I were to show a photo like this though, say about two years ago, and people didn’t like it…that would have blown.

It’s not 2013 though, it’s 2015. In two years time, I’ve grown and become more confident and comfortable in who I am as an individual. Now, I want to open up more to the world. I am also much stronger to be able to deal with the criticisms and judgments. So, this is me. Do you know what? I love me. Since first releasing these photos last week, I have learned that a lot of others love me too. For those who don’t…fuck’em.

Exclusively Yours,
Ele Nichols

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