May 4, 2015

Resting Bitch Face

By In Diary

About a week ago when I posted the first two images of this shoot on Facebook, someone joked with me that, “RBF kept me beautiful.” It took me a second to remember what RBF meant, then it hit me and I bursted out laughing. It is true, not many of my photos share my smile. In the real world however, I’m kind of known for it, so it is admittedly odd that I don’t ever seem to crack a smile for the camera.

I’ve always felt that smiling for the camera was too obligatory. When I was a child, I remember hearing all the time, “Smile for the camera!” or “Say cheese!” Cheese it right! I always hated it. I didn’t want to smile for the camera and as I grew older, I out right rebelled against it.

My mom was very much that way as well. It’s hilarious to see a comparison of my photos and my mothers when she was around my age. We raise the eyebrows and do out best intriguing stares into the lens. In all genuineness, that’s our thing. We’ve taken a lot of shit for it, but we refuse to change, though maybe I should speak for myself. I’ve seen my mom look too smiley is some recent pics. 😉

The thing I’ve heard the most is that I look unhappy. I don’t see that when I look at my photos, but many people seem to. What I believe it to be is that we associate smiling with being happy. How many people do we know though that plaster smiles across their face to conceal the pain beneath?

I guess I find the whole thing odd to begin with. It’s an unnatural thing to pose in front of a camera, so why not just do it the way you want to? That’s what I decided to do. I look at the whole thing as artistic expression. In the words of Eric Cartman, “I do what I want!”This shoot reminds me of some of my past vintage bombshell looks I used to do. Every once in a while, I just like clean cat-eyes, a bold bright lip and a figure hugging dress that will stop a person in their tracks. I’m pretty sure though that I’ve come along way since that time. It’s nice to get a reminder every once in a while how far you’ve come.

Escape The Ordinary,
Ele Nichols

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