May 8, 2015

Children Of The Atom

By In Diary

I don’t think there is any child who didn’t want to be a superhero, at some point or another. Hell, many of us adults still wish that, which is why the business of superhero entertainment is a multi-billion dollar industry. It’s no mystery that I’m a fan of the genre. Just this last week I experienced Avengers: Age Of Ultron and was immersed from start to finish to post credit scene.

When I was young, I used to dress up as my favorite superheroes and run around the almost 18 acres of land my grandparents owned in Arkansas. I know you must think that every kid does that, but I must interject and say not to my degree. With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was my interest, I had my grandpa make me an actual pair of nunchucks and I tied a laundry basket to my back. That’s dedication my friend.

Authenticity was always important to me and my aspirations were high, which hasn’t changed for me to this day. In fact, it’s been this last week where I realized something about myself: I actually believe that I’m a superhero. Perhaps it’s not a conscious thing, more subconscious, but when I look at how I live my life, I see a person not to dissimilar to the characters portrayed in many a graphic novel.

Let’s get specific here – X-Men. If there is any story I feel my life is like, it is that of the struggle of the mutant community. Being apart of the Trans community is a lot like being a mutant in the X-Men universe. There is a certain societal treatment you receive and your life is thrust into the spotlight. These factors for many cause an internal growth to happen and make you stronger. While it’s not an easy road, you learn more about yourself and the world. I believe it even propels you to want to help change the world for the better. When you do the math, you start to see the superhero formula.

What are my powers? Well, if that’s not been made perfectly clear at this point, I’m not sure what will. I decided though this week to see what my superhero alter-ego would look like, which I share with you on this very post. My look is inspired by a few of my favorite X-Men, with a dash of me. I hope you dig it, but if you don’t I’ll just telepathically force you to love it. 😉

Escape The Ordinary,
Ele Nichols

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