October 26, 2015

A Material World

By In Diary

Through out the decades of this past century, there have been some truly wonderful and culture changing fashions that emerged in our society. The twenties brought us the lavish era of the flapper. The forties brought us the pinup era. The sixties ushered in both the age of the bombshell and the mod scene. The seventies taught us how to be groovy.

There is one decade though that goes mostly unrecognized for it’s accomplishments. That decade is the eighties. Sure, people remember all the pop-cultural contributions born from the time, but when it comes to fashion, people usually have a laugh. I’m a little tired of the garbage the eighties gets for it’s bold designs and bright colors. No…I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! Hold up, rewind, bring it down.

I can’t reasonably say that every fashion trend that emerged from the eighties was brilliant. There is a laundry list of bad fashion I hear about anytime I broach this conversation. I think what people today miss when they look back was how daring the choices were. There was a boldness in an individuals appearance, a unique identity in each persons look. It was okay to take chances and be weird. At the time, fashion wasn’t this one track course that everyone was trying to keep up with. The diversity in styles you see all throughout the decade made it a wonderful time to experiment and try new things.

Some say the eighties were so loud and outrageous, it caused a counter movement that still exists to this day. One day, people woke up and thought, WTF am I wearing?! I call bullshit on that  and point my finger to the heads of the fashion industry. Specifically, the heads of major fashion publications. In my honest opinion, they were the ones who fired the fatal shot that murdered the eighties. It was Anna Wintour, behind the fence on the grass knoll. I saw a brown bob peaking over the fence, fleeing the scene. 😉

We can talk about how grunge and Nirvana shifted the culture, but not everyone was in that scene. It’s not the styles of the eighties that should have lived on, but the essence of it. The flames of self-expression have been snuffed out. In it’s place, we have a culture of clones wearing the same things. I think the theme song for “The Nanny” said it best, “She’s the lady in red when everybody else is wearing tan.” Oh Fran Drescher, we need you now more than ever. Please come back and bless our wardrobes.

I have decided to take it upon myself to bring about an eighties revival. If nothing more than to spark the imaginations of others, encourage the counter-culture.  If you’re sick and tired of the same old trends, then take your fashion destiny into your own hands and rise up. For this month, I’m channeling my birth decade, taking old ideas and giving them a new twist. When I pulled this red and black Bardot dress from the closet, I knew I had the perfect opportunity to play. Pairing it with some flashy jewelry, polkadot tights and some black spiked heels, I rocked the look for all it was worth.

Look for more eighties inspired styles this month. Now, I’m off to work on my Halloween costume, last minute as usual. What will I be? I guess you’ll have to check out this blog next week…

Exclusively Yours,
Ele Nichols

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