October 1, 2015

Selfs Portrait

By In Diary

Forgive me reader, for I have sinned. It has been three months since my last confession. The summer was long, the heat persisted and I crawled into my hole until the sun went away. Though it is Fall now, the heat has sadly stuck around like an obnoxious house guest who keeps prolonging his stay. Damn that Gary, I won’t even tell you what he did to the guest towels.

As I hibernated away this summer, it gave me an opportunity to take care of a few things at home. As I write this, I am sitting in my new office, which I cobbled out of our former dining room space. With the help of a 5×5 Ikea Kallax bookshelf, I was able to define a separate workspace from my living room. Having an office once again has made the world of difference to me. It’s made my home less claustrophobic and more structured. Working for yourself can begin to feel like you’re not working at all. This has resolved those issues for me.

Perhaps the one thing I’ve missed most these past few months was getting all pretty with makeup and the layers of clothing I wrap myself in. I felt as if I was unable to connect to my feminine side, all because of the sweltering temperatures. When it gets to hot I bloat, which has nightmarish chain reactions. Ultimately, my depression was triggered and I had to deal with that, but fortunately not alone. With the help of my best fiend Megan, I pulled through and survived my least favorite season.

About a week ago, I had this crazy, sexy intense dream where I was being transformed back into my femme self by an army of other trans individuals. Whatever scenario you’re trying to cook up in your brain right now to glimpse this, try harder. I was being forcefully drafted back into the ranks and it felt very good to be back in uniform. Right as we were getting to the good stuff, my bullshit phone went off and woke me up. (Note to self: replace broken iPhone)

That dream started an itch that I desperately needed to scratch. I tried to wait a few days for the temperature to come down, but it relented. Finally, Monday rolled around and I had enough. My room became of flurry of lingerie, nylons and dresses being strewn everywhere. After painting my face in record time, I suited up and decided to do something I wanted to do earlier in the year. It was time for a photo of my selves. Getting our schedules to workout was a bit challenging, but we managed to make it work. We did realize we were wearing each others intimates, which was a bit awkward. 😉

Now it’s time to make penance and get my fine, beautiful ass back to work. I have so much work to do on my upcoming Cohorts Kickstarter campaign (I will fill you in next time) and it’s beckoning me. I bid you all ado and have cherished this precious moment we’ve shared together. Until next time lover…

Escape The Ordinary,
Ele Nichols

P.S. Been getting a few emails from guys wanting to buy my hosiery…ummm…..

P.P.S. $100 dollars, no checks please 😉

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